What is the cure for addiction? Freedom Dream Center is a 12 month live-in addiction recovery, a Christ centered program. The truth of the matter is simple, addiction has overtaken our communities in aurora, Missouri. Our so called local Drug Rehab programs have become an investment for people rather than outreach programs where hurting and lost people can go to get help. The truth of the matter is that meth addiction has robbed people of common sense. Opiate and pill addiction is common among all social classes of people. Local high schools have alarming trends where heroin addiction is starting to touch younger and younger generations. Addiction and the root cause of addiction in the medical community is treated by a prescription pad, which in turn, just trades one addiction for another. Drug relapses, even after people have reached out and attempted getting help, are at an all time high. Answers? Yes, it is about time people stand up and refuse to allow there families to be destroyed from addiction.

Can the cure for addiction truly be a 2000 year old answer? The answer is YES. The cure came in the fashion of three nails, and a old wooden tree cut into the shape of a cross. Then 3 days later the Son of Man (Jesus Christ of Nazareth) rose again, and took his rightful place on the right hand of the throne next to his father in Heaven.

Freedom Dream Center Aurora, Missouri – The cure for addiction is submitting your life to Jesus Christ.