Freedom Dream Center in Aurora, Missouri is a 12 month live in addiction recovery facility. Freedom Dream Center has a heart for the lost and hurting. Our program specializes in Meth addiction, heroin addiction, pill addiction, drug and alcohol recovery through a Jesus Christ centered discipleship.

The most common answer today as to the root of addiction is unresolved emotional trauma. When traumas, be they extreme or mild, are not resolved they leave behind a slew of painful, unprocessed feelings in the unconscious. These feelings are never content to remain silent and instead clamor for release.

Everyone needs to be loved. It’s God’s will for us to know and experience His unconditional love and have a personal relationship with Him (see John 3:16 and 1 John 4:16). He created us for acceptance, not rejection, and connection, not separation and abandonment.

When we receive God’s love, we can become stable, mature, healed, whole and vibrant individuals and have the great lives He wants us to have. But when people don’t get unconditional love, they end up with damaged emotions, trying to function day to day in their brokeness. And often, the result is an addictive behavior.