Addictive Personality

An addiction is formed when we try to use something other than God, to meet our need to be loved. When our ability to receive God’s love into our hearts is hindered, we will feel like something is missing, and seek to fill that void with something else. When that thing, whatever it might be, fills that void, we grow to love it because it’s meeting a need. Over time, we establish a relationship with that thing, and when it comes time to break up, it’s like losing the most intimate friend we’ve ever had. That’s why addictions are so enslaving; we’ve relied on that thing to meet a need and we’ve become totally dependent on it. Now when it’s time to break up the love, it isn’t so easy to say goodbye.

 Some say they have an addictive personality

Contrary to popular belief, research has been unable to identify an “addictive personality.” However, some personality traits are more commonly observed in people with substance abuse issues. Most of the research regarding addiction and personality traits has been conducted with people who have alcohol and/or drug use problems. Regardless of what we claim our addictions revolve around, there is yet one solution. The Freedom Dream Center in Aurora, Missouri; is a 12 month, residential addiction recovery facility. Since 2005 we have cared for many with personality disorders, psychological diagnoses, addictions, and other life-controlling issues. The only permanent solution we have found is the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.