We are accustomed to thinking of sin as individual acts of disobedience to God. This is true enough on the surface. Other factors include generational curses.

What Is A Generational Curse?

As a phrase, a generational curse seems straightforward enough. A generational curse, according to common view points, is a spiritual bondage, or habit, that is passed down from one generation to the next. Essentially, Christians may find themselves powerless to overcome some stubborn sin, or they remain an apparent victim of a seemingly intractable pattern of failure. This is because their previous generations have not broken a form of sin that has transferred a burden on to children and further descendants through spiritual, environmental, and even genetic factors .

This can take many forms. Perhaps a Christian man finds himself in the grip of an drug addiction. Viewed through the lens of the generational curses doctrine, he may in fact be oppressed with the spirit of addiction because his grandfather was an alcoholic. Likewise, that spirit of addiction passed on to his father or mother; and as a product of our environment, the spirit of addiction is transferred and gains intensity with each generation it is permitted to continue.

The Answer – Standing in the Gap

The Bible describes prayer as “standing in the gap” or “bridging the gap” – the channel through which God’s will is brought to earth. We are going to look into God’s Word to see some examples of people he used to stand in the gap so His purpose could be accomplished.

God chose or appointed Moses to stand in the gap between His people, the Israelites, and Pharaoh. Esther stood in the gap for her people, the Israelites with prayer and fasting when Haman wanted to destroy the Jews.

After God created the earth, He said, “It was very good” (Genesis 1:31). There was no gap between God and the earth; however, after Adam and Eve sinned, it  created a gap between God and what He had planned for the earth.  Fortunately, God stood in the gap for us by sending His Son, Jesus, to the earth to live as a man, die for our sins, and arise from the dead so we could have a personal relationship with Him.

The Freedom Dream Center in Aurora, Missouri specializes in addiction recovery through a Jesus Christ centered discipleship program. The program is a 12 month, residential facility. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction to any substances or alcohol, have legal problems, or any life- controlling issue, the Freedom Dream Center is a place to get a fresh start. Furthermore, if you choose not to stand in the gap for your family and  kids, then who will break the generational curses? God has called you to do great things, take your rightful place as one of his children.

” Everybody thinks of changing humanity and nobody thinks of changing himself.” Let us be among those who believe that the spiritual transformation of our lives is a goal worthy of our best effort. The generations to come are relying on you.

  • Branson James