In the Dream Center we just finished a challenging class session on legacy. I often notice the glorious obituaries of local saints that have gone on to be with the Lord. I’m amazed at the paragraph after paragraph of accounts of their love for Jesus, their families, friends, and even strangers. They had invested countless hours in works of loving service, building God’s kingdom and so many close relationships over decades. Waves of wistful regret would sweep over me as I read, thinking about the wasted periods of my own life in which I would have had trouble coming up with enough references to even fill out a job application. A decent obituary would have been out of the question.
            All of us have done a few or more kind deeds or perhaps have a friendly demeanor we would like to think paints us as a “nice person” that “lives for Christ.” In the heart of our hearts, only we know if we are truly living the kind of life for Jesus that will leave a legacy ringing through heaven for eternity as well as here on earth. A lot of things may go unseen in this world, so only God and our own hearts know the truth if we are seeking and fulfilling the specific calling He has on our lives. Our initial comfort or perhaps even our own vision of ministry with the right people watching and applauding may never even come into play for us. Goals and dreams are great, but a real legacy is built in the journey. In investing fully in each next interaction God places in front of us to share his love and blessings. The payoffs of obedience begin now and last forever: the peace of God, seeing generational curses ended, your children and family loving and serving God, and an eternity that transcends the fondest dreams we can ever imagine, all spent with the people we love the most. Let us live as to become one of the cloud of witnesses spoken of in Hebrews 12:1 celebrating the successes of those our lives have touched, especially as they in turn share the love of Christ with others.
            As people of God, it seems imperative that we begin paying attention to the details in our lives and relationships that transforms the mundane into the meaningful for those around us. Giving our very best for God and others instead of always ourselves can turn a life into a masterpiece one day at a time, and allow us from this point forward to leave a legacy without regrets. Please join us here at Freedom Christian Center and let’s walk this road together. It’s never too late to start.

Jeff Hannah