The Lord assures us, “To everything there is a season…a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance”(Eccl.3:1, 4 KJV)

In the pursuit of humans attempting to discover their purpose here on earth, along the way somewhere we have gone gravely off course from the basic knowledge of right and wrong. Perhaps by each generation we have gone further and further away from the way God intended us to live.

Welcome to “GENERATION X”

The Thirteenth Generation (Lucky-13)
A generation of pain where we glorify the most evil among us. Where black clothes, and physically cutting one’s self has become a fashion trend. Have we become so numb to the environment we live in, so dull to high crime rates and divorce percentages in our societies? Good and evil are at war. This war is playing out right in front of our children’s eyes. For instance our television networks, and the level of sexual immorality and violence that has become normal among our regular scheduled programs. I will not even attempt to touch on the increasingly foul language that we allow. Our innocence is being stolen right out of our homes and living rooms. The worst part is we invite the thief in on a daily basis on our television sets and cell phones.

“Country VS God”

The Food Stamp generation!

The war. God’s word very plainly calls for the Church to take care of the “Alien, Fatherless, and Widows”. In America now, we have a generation of sit at home beggars with their hands out expecting everything for free. Free healthcare, Free State provided food programs, section eight housing etc. Now we have a movement of politicians who believe free college education should be available. Understand this, there have been points in my own life where I have taken advantage of state provided benefits, rather it be healthcare and/or food stamps. Yet, I say that to say this; it was just a passing season in my life. Every time I was in such a place in my life that I required these sort of programs, the only thing that was consistent in my life is that I was living in complete rebellion to God’s word and instead living in sin. Be offended if you like, but take from that what you wish.

“Honest & Humble”

When did Character become a negative word?

Simple and sweet and right to the truth. Like a good old back side whooping from a wooden paddle in the principal’s office. As honest as respecting your elders.
In our current generation “Truth” does not go over well. Straight forward truth usually causes the people around you to over analyze your intentions and motives. Truth is not generally accepted as “Good old fashion Truth”.
The answer is not complicated, unlike the problem. Well the problem has a limited amount of time left to roam free in the world. Then he will be placed back in the lake of fire for eternity.

A portion of this answer, Exodus 20: (The Ten Commandments).

“We are stuck in a place where people are just passing time, waiting for something better to come along. When all along the best thing they never knew was right there the whole time”

– Branson James