As we grow closer in relationship and likeness to Christ, the evidence that He is changing our hearts from the inside out will often spring spontaneously into visible love. We may suddenly notice that when we stop focusing on fixing our “anger” or “forgiveness” issues, and start focusing instead on our time in relationship with Christ Himself, these other things just seem to begin to fall in to place automatically!  (As with our other life issues also covered in Matthew 6:33.) We find ourselves amazed that a person or situation, or our own choices and traits that have grieved us for years or even decades simply no longer have a hold on us. Seemingly all at once we are not only no longer bothered by that very thing, but we actually thrive through it and use it as an opportunity to bless and show the love of God to others. At that moment the love and overcoming power of our great God becomes more real to us than ever. Nothing less than a miracle has taken place in our lives, as God has resolved something that no human power or our own best efforts for years had been able to affect in the least bit.

NO MATTER WHAT your circumstances, this can happen for you, too! We see it every day here at Freedom Christian Center and the Freedom Dream Center. Please give God and us a chance today. Your only regret will be that you didn’t do it sooner. We are here, we exist, for you!