There is this place somewhere between time and the reality of the moment that before your next thought a place of graceful peace and joy that I pray you find. There is this space of Heavenly things inside the rush of today. A place that only you and God know. That if you could allow just for a moment and second to willingly submit to something greater than anything you’ve ever comprehended. God wants more than you can imagine to talk to you. To be with you, his child he longs to know him. That quiet place, the gift of the Holy Spirit, is merely just a down payment for the blessings on blessings that lie ahead in eternity. God in his infinite wisdom knew that man would be in need of a glimpse of a sneak peek of what is to come. Say it’s too good to be true. You’re probably right. Call those things as they were not as though they were. Maybe you think I “talk” to God but he does not say anything back. Well your probably right again. Let me ask you a question, when is the last time you listened? See here in lies the problem, we live in a generation of “what is in it for me” we think that in our finite wisdom that we have such revolutionary things to say. That we are the creator of something original ourselves. That if we could just impart our own earthly wisdom on others, that they would be better off being like us. So then we invade every conversation with the goal of dominating the words and direction of the conversation. How many times are we just waiting for the other person to stop talking long enough that way we can respond. All along thinking, they need to hear what we have to say. We all have this deep yearning just to be heard. Where is the same passion for listening? “Capturing your thoughts” Cast down each selfish thought. Each thought that does not align itself with the will of God, stop it from growing roots and expanding in undesirable directions. God speaks in more ways than a burning bush. God will speak through people, and places in your life,  including life events, and my favorite the Holy Spirit. Thoughts are things. Ever heard that? Ever wonder how a thought could become a thing? You decide to implant the right thoughts inside your mind. Meditate constantly concentrate on that thought being top of mind, the thoughts that you give permission to be first in your head. That which you constantly focus on will take physical form around you in your everyday life. You will not go anyplace or be anywhere that the thoughts you decided to make your chief aim of focusing upon will manifest themselves. Choose wisely, your thoughts will be your destiny. Stop living for the moment, stop floating along without direction. Capture each day with a furious desire to get closer to God.

“Find your Quiet place” We can practice this together. As my prayer is that with an open heart and mind  that you will be filled with a special anointing when meditating upon these Holy Spirit inspired words. Take the next 60 seconds to try listening for God, not to your thoughts, not whatever randomly you were already thinking about. Begin to wander to a place where you do not have to be in control, eyes closed sitting in complete relaxation with no muscle tensed up. God the perfect creator of all made our brains, and modern science claims that we use under 20% of it. I wonder what the other portion is for.The God of everything has so much more in store for you. Now, back to finding this quiet place. In reference to this place I write about, you no longer are talking to God and wondering why he is not talking back. For when one person is quiet then another may speak. Listening is not one of the strongest skill sets that humans have. This skill set is a spiritual blessing that you must continue to seek silence in order to obtain it. Once you desire uninterrupted quiet time with God just as much as any other single thing in life, seek and you shall find. I personally usher Gods presence in with worship music first. I picture myself trying to be a modern day King David. Tackling the walls of Jericho if you can imagine this. I clothe myself with the Mind of Christ. I challenge you to spend 40 hours listening for God, earnestly listening. Not talking, not thinking with your carnal mind. Fully and truly submitting your human will to God. Spending 40 hours capturing thoughts, allowing God to reveal himself right where you’re at. Finding that deep God implanted place of pure Heavenly connectivity to our creator. In the quiet I know you are there. In the quiet I know you are there. God you are good. You are good.


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-Branson James