I’ve been extremely blessed lately ruminating on Romans Ch. 12, working on memorizing it and turning it over and over in my mind and spirit like a cud-chewing animal (ruminant). We can talk all day about the Christian life, but to see a picture painted perfectly of what it really comprehensively looks like yet condensed into one short chapter, there is probably nothing else comparable in all of scripture.

Right off the bat in the classic verses 1-2, is a snapshot of salvation itself – total change of EVERYTHING that makes up a man (body/spirit/soul/mind).

Following then is a list/description of Christ-like traits, morals, and values that should set us apart from anything the world can or ever will offer. A winsome ensemble that should draw people toward us, toward something different and better, something real.

In summary, it all starts with verses 1-2. All else flows from developing a Holy-Spirit led mind that is becoming more and more focused on God throughout the day. A mind preoccupied with our relationship with God and through which all our priorities and relationships and choices thus come.

-Jeff Hannah