I need to make a confession.
Grace is more lively than teenage pregnancy.
More expressive than homosexuality.
More capable of attracting than pornography.
Grace is so much more powerful than anything that makes us guilty.
So why do we treat grace like it’s a child by hiding our sin and questioning its capability?

I need to make a confession.
The realistic definition of Christianity
Is not how well we hide our sin
Or how much church we attend

Or how few we have sinned.
But it is hidden in Christ to whom we have been given.

I need to make a confession.
This goes out to the alcoholic, the judgmental, the adulterer, the addict, the greedy, the homosexual, the apathetic, and the gossiper.
For those in Christ Jesus, there is no condemnation.
Why are we constantly looking for a stone to throw at someone who has sins that look
greater than our own?
I tell you this,
We are all sinners and have been exposed.
Therefore, in not a single one of our hands is a stone.

I need to make a confession.
By calling yourself a Christian,
you have made the ultimate confession.

For Christ did not come for the sinless
But for those that need forgiveness of their transgressions.
By claiming to be a Christian,
You have claimed to be in need of powerful salvation.

I need to make a confession.
You will be trapped in shame
Until you have given sin a name.
So stop playing the game
Of trying to look the same.
Stop hiding and modifying your behavior
So people won’t look at your sin and call you a stranger.
You need to realize that you are in danger
Because if you act like you don’t sin,
You live like you don’t need a savior.

I need to make a confession.
Our eyes, ears, lips, minds, and hands are dirty
And stained by the sound, words, and things we have seen.
God did not save us because
We’re perfect and our sin is under control.
He saved us because we needed to be saved.

I need to make a confession.
You don’t need to hide
Because God knows everything about you
And still came to earth for you and died.
Even if everyone else rejects you,
God still sees you as his spotless bride.
So come, it’s time to make your confession
And take away sin’s power.
For its shame has been devoured.
Come, it’s time to make your confession
So there will be room for healing.
Do this not just for yourself,
But for others too.
For with your sin
They have been dealing.
Come, it’s time to make your confession
And get rid of the church’s judges.
For if everyone confesses,
There won’t be room to make judgments.

I need to make a confession.
God does not condemn his children.
Therefore, we should not try to take that role.
Instead, we should pick up our crosses
And not our stones.
Preach the gospel,
Instead of throwing blows.
Open our mouths,
Forgive and confess,
And never keep them closed.
Overlook the flake in another’s eye
And tend to the glop in our own.
I have to make a confession
And it’s time for you to make one too.
Christ didn’t die so we could hide.
He died so that he could love us
In spite of our wrongs.
So come, it’s time for you to lay down your sin
On the altar and confess.
The world might say that you’re condemned
But the Lord says that you belong to him.

– Raelin (my amazing cousin) Swillum

Freedom Christian Ministries