Love is the answer to the question I’m asking while moments are passing.
Love is everlasting, Love is the key that opens the door. Love Is the ocean we are the shore Love is an action, Love is a verb, Love is attraction a heart that is stirred. Love makes you crazy Love makes you sane. Love is the difference we’re never the same Love is the absence of motives. Love doesn’t waiver ,True love is sure Love is not bound by space or by time. Love is the infinite ,Love is divine, Love is the reason I’m even alive love goes through seasons but Love never dies. Love sometimes cries A that gets broken Love can be loud or can be soft-spoken Love is a poem a song or a war. Love is an energy Love is “Amor” Love is a rhythm a hearts that is in tune Love has no schisms or Love comes to ruin. Love is a kingdom that people inhabit Love is a choice you don’t have to have it. Love is a weapon a battle endured. Love is a medicine. Love is a cure. Love is a labor a work that is good. Love is a fire we are the wood so let love burn deeply Inside of your soul. Let Love complete thee and make thee whole.

Chris Irick

Freedom Christian Ministries