Have you ever met someone whose life is in a constant state of crisis? (A time of intense difficulty, trouble, or chaos.) This person’s life is always in chaos, turmoil and is going to throw in the towel at any moment. Addicts are constantly in a state of crisis going from mountain top to mountain top with more time spent in the valleys of life dwelling on there “good old days” on the mountain tops. Some recovering addicts who kick the drugs or alcohol but the crisis style of life they continue to live in. Have you ever heard of a “dry” alcoholic? You know, the type of person whose life is chaotic at best. They are always in some sort of conflict and/or animosity toward the world for the way they feel they have been treated or how someone else has got it better than them. They are missing the Peace of God and this is evident in their lives.

Maybe this person is you? Maybe there has never been an example that you were shown of how to live any other way but in crisis?

Do you ever question why you do what you do? The thoughts you have? The manner in which you reacted to situations outside of your control. Take a second and think about your last bad day, what happened?

How did you respond? What was it that set you off?

Do your emotions run your life? Do you allow yourself to be shaped by the opinions of others?

Paradigm Shift
I would like to propose that too often we allow crisis’ to have a negative effect on our lives. When a crisis comes up we have the ability to grow spiritually by bridling our emotions and normal responses and filter them through the mind of Christ. This gives new meaning to a crisis, crisis now becomes an opportunity rather than something of a negative nature. By overcoming crisis in our life with Holiness and righteousness in your attitude and actions allows for you to grow through where you were once weak. We all have weaknesses, what better way to overcome them than to face them head on? So often we allow for temporary setbacks to become lifestyles. Rather than, fall down get back up and study to show yourself approved to ensure that you will never fall down the same way again. The word of God is the answer book to this test we call life. You have the answers to the test right in front of you, The Word Of God that which framed the worlds. Why would you not use it? Plain and simple there is no excuse great enough to justify a life lived condemned through crisis. We all have the tools necessary at our disposal. No longer are we subjected to the wiles of the devil. Rest in this, you do not have to create or design solutions to your life on your own. God created us in his image, so the answers to the problems you have all rest in Him.

I challenge you to look beneath the surface, dig deep and find out what makes you tick. Figure out why you do what you do. Then change what you do not like. Don’t over complicate it, simplify it.

“Pursue God with all that you are, leaving nothing in your life to chance, for this Life is the only chance you have to determine how you spend eternity”.

1 Peter 5:6 Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, so that in due time He may exalt you.

-Brandon Lien