What will our legacies look like? What will the people who know us best, as well as people we came to know at all, believe and say about the life we lived?

All I know is, I can only work and pray, that I can affect and love a fraction of the people that Pastor Stephen reached for Christ during his short time here on earth.

True success is success in God’s eyes. What God eventually says about the kind of life we lived far outweighs any other words we will ever hear for all eternity.

I’ve only known Pastor Stephen for three years, two months, and six days; but there is no doubt in my mind that he heard the words ” Well done my good and faithful servant”, if not a few more even, from God Himself just a few short hours ago.

If I can sum up his life in one word I would, but for him it takes at least two. Equal parts love and passion.

Love for God in a passionate personal relationship with His Son Jesus Christ is the fuel that drove his personal passionate love for people. It was truly breathtaking to watch this love radiate from him toward his family, his church, the Dream Center students; and perhaps above all the hurting young people he yearned would come to know and love and live for Christ like he did.

Even now as I write, the tears well up and the goosebumps arise just as they did then, as I remember vividly and movingly the spellbinding, Spirit-led pleas Pastor Stephen implored of us Dream Center students to give ourselves completely to Jesus just as he did each day.

His talent, zest for competition, and sense of humor are legendary. Oh, what I would give to be in on a joke with him, and hear him laugh just one more time.

The good news is, I will. I can’t wait.

So now, even as our hearts are crushed within us, we must forge ahead in our own walk and ministry. Undoubtedly, that is what he would want most for all of us; that we too would be all in for Christ and carry on the legacy of love and passion that he helped sow in our hearts.

We love you Pastor Stephen. May God give us the strength and desire to live our lives as you did, lives you can be proud of as you and the great cloud of witnesses from Hebrews 12:1 watch over us from above and cheer us on until the day we join you there, forever.

If you are reading this and you don’t know for sure that you will be in Heaven someday, you can. Don’t let this moment pass by, because as we have just learned, we are not guaranteed even one more minute in this world. Pray this prayer if you really mean it and want to have a new life: Lord Jesus, I realize that I need You. I can’t do this on my own anymore. I am sorry for my sins and want to change. I believe You lived, and died on the Cross for my sins so I could have a relationship with You and eternal life. Thank You for being my Lord and Savior. I want to live for You from this moment forward. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Please know you are welcome in our church; we would love to get to know you, and have you and your family in our church family. Check our service times, or give us a call at 417-678-6909 if we could  pray with or be of any assistance to you.

Jeff Hannah  Freedom Dream Center