The center of my reality. The place that I view the world from, have you ever considered or thought about how the location that you are has come to be? Analyze for a moment what it took to get you to the place that you have come to know as normal. Does a fish know that it is in water? Or does a fish just know that they are no longer in water once they are out of it? What is your water? Although in that example the water is what sustains life for the fish, the oxygen they need to survive is in the water. The water is what gives them there ability to continue to exist. To be, to live requires the water. Without the water they no longer exist. God says to Moses in Exodus ‘I AM WHO I AM.” I considered this often in my daily “self inventory” exercises. I take that which I have engaged in and participated in, on a daily basis, to be reviewed under the microscope of the statement “I AM WHO I AM” if who you were temporarily was the story they told about you, would you regret your story? I AM WHO I AM is a concrete statement a solid foundation. I, as do most, have things in our past which are not exactly praiseworthy but the truth comes once you decide to engage today with the mindset-“I will be the person that I was created to be, created to become, created for “HIM”.” The purpose of the statement “I AM WHO I AM” is to clarify God has always been, always was and never came to be; he is the un-created. He is the Great I am. The First and the Last, we are to rest upon him who created all things, discord and chaos comes when we rest upon anything that is not the Great I am. He is our foundation the rock the only consistency we can rest upon in his unchanging word. His spoken word is what created all things. The water we rest is his spoken word the creationism of the creator is his grand design. To dis-engage from what we were created to be takes away any plan for purpose of good in our lives. Dis-engaging from God then engages you in competion with God. To compete with anything there has to be a start and a finish to decide a winner which leads us to realize a life competing against God is like a fish jumping out of water to catch his breath.  Do you believe you can run your race against the one who created the races? How many people throw away there lives believing “God and them have there own understanding.” Some people actually believe; God so loved the world he gave his Son that they may live a life contrary to his sacrifice. All will bow down one day, all will spend eternity in the consequence or rewards of the choices they spent there lives making. Forgiveness wipes away the choices already made, forgiveness is not a blanket promise to continue to wipe away what you continue choosing to do. You receive true forgiveness once the direction of your life honors the forgiveness you have freely received. When your forward choices represent the condition of your heart that you were truly sorrowful, that is when the veil is torn-repentance is a turning away from that which you asked for forgiveness for. Receiving Grace and forgiveness is more than hearing and desiring it. Receiving requires actions that align with the changing of who we temporality were and changing into the image of who “I AM WHO I AM” created you to be. God is that source, The Spirit is the power and Christ is the connection.

– Brandon Lien