This might make some people think twice when it comes down to it. Really!! How many of us get upset with a police officer for giving us a ticket to appear in court for speeding? How many of us promise to be a protector of our pastor, but really deep down inside of us get upset with him when he tells us we need to do something biblical and we choose not to submit?

Here comes the knock out punch, the TKO. Even Jesus submitted to the authority of Pilate. Matthew 27:2. They bound Him (Jesus) and led him away and delivered him to Pilate. Jesus became submissive to Pilate while being beaten and whipped. John 19:1 tells us Pilate took Jesus and flogged Him. Pilate had the authority to either release Jesus or crucify Jesus. In the end, we too (like Jesus) must be submissive to the authority, government, or pastoral. If we can’t be submissive to authority on earth how can we be submissive to God’s authority?