Freedom Arena


Freedom Cowboy Church is a place where cowboys can come together and join not only what they love but also better understand the God that loves them. Every even whether it be a team roping practice or a barrel race gives cowboys an opportunity to enjoy the sport they love with an environment encouraging to their faith.

At Freedom Cowboy Church we understand the hectic schedule that embodies the American Cowboy and Ranchers of today. So services are held during a time cowboys come to have fun but also give them an opportunity to be spiritually encouraged to get through the week.

Contact Information


17044 Highway 39

Aurora, MO 65605




Tony & Christi Swillum

Operations/Grounds  Manager

Stephen Swillum/Bart Snyder

Arena Staff

Jill Swillum & Sara Smith

For any questions on schedules, points, etc email or call the office 417.678.6909

(Voicemail will be updated with any cancelations or changes to the schedule.)

Freedom Arena is a Ministry of Freedom Christian Center. Our entry fees

and ADMISSION prices are lower than most so the whole family can come and enjoy their selves. We also have a full concession stand and clean restrooms!